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This is a Locked Craft Essence Locked.png
This Craft Essence is LOCKED until you complete Heian-kyō and will be added to the summoning pool once the quests are completed.


Normal Effect
Increases Buster performance by 8%
Increases Critical attack chance resistance by 10%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Buster performance by 10%
Increases Critical attack chance resistance by 15%.


Description Translation🛈






Fan Translation: They stopped their sword.
They finished the blood battle without taking that head. The morning sun stings their wound awfully.
This pain will continue on for eternity, and they have to bear with it.
Because it is the way of life of men who chose to live in a world where Oni exists—

This is a future that could have been.
During the days where the warriors were battling Oni, if there was one single miracle of them fighting side by side together, it might have been the day where they greet the morning like this.

However, in Pan-Human history, the Oni has been wiped out from Mount Ōe.
The source of the divine protection brought by the Divine Oni Poison Sake (Shinpen Kidoku Sake)—
The Great Oni's armour, formed by dragon bones and blood of the sacrifices, attacked the heaven, struck against the imposing great suit of armour third ascension form, cracked, and was broken into pieces.
Thanks to Minamoto Yorimitsu's and the Four Heavenly Kings' actions, the drowsing Oni all had their heads taken and perished.

The sun is coming up.
A new day is beginning.
This could be called the beginning of the peaceful days in Heian, where fierce Oni blossoms no longer bloom in madness.
However, to the men—

It was the beginning of days of an eternal battle, where they have to live with the wound within their hearts for most parts of their lives.

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