BBSlotBBQSadist This is an Enemy-only ServantUnavailable. It cannot be obtained as a playable-Servant through any means.


Akechi Mitsuhide

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Japanese Name: 明智光秀
ID:  ? Cost: 16
Grail ATK: Grail HP:
Voice Actor: Illustrator: Haruno Tomoya
Attribute: Man Growth Curve:
Star Absorption: Star Generation:
NP Charge ATK: NP Charge DEF:
Death Rate: Alignments:
Gender: Male
Traits: Divine (Mud form), Large (Mud form)
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Active Skills

Skill Effect
Battlefront : Phantasmal Heart (戦線:夢限の心臓, Sensen : Yumegen no Shinzou?) Hpregen Recover 50,000 HP at the end of every turn.
Battlefront : Phantasmal Heart・Broken (戦線:夢限の心臓・壊, Sensen : Yumegen no Shinzou・Kai?) Hpregen Recover 10,000 HP at the end of every turn.
Enlightenment of the Masses (衆生済度, Shujyousaido?) Critchnup Increases own Critical Chance for 1 turn.
Controlling Others' Emanations (他化自在, Takejizai?) Drains 1 front-line member's NP by 20%.
NpCharge Charges own NP gauge by 1 tick.
Lifebar1Lifebar0 : Atago Hyakuin・Divine (愛宿百韻・天, Atago Hyakuin・Ten?) Debuff all front-line members with BuffBlock Nullify Defense Buff (1 time), and Busterdown Buster Down (3 turns)
Lifebar0Lifebar0 : Atago Hyakuin・Demon (愛宿百韻・魔, Atago Hyakuin・Ma?) Debuff all front-line members with BuffBlock Nullify Attack Buff (1 time), and Nppowerdown NP Damage Down (3 turns)

Noble Phantasm

Skill Effect
Reactor Core's Rampage (炉心暴走, Roshin Bousou?) Deals damage to all enemies.
Remove their buffs.