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Event Duration : June 29, 2017 18:00 ~ July 12, 2017 12:59 JST
Chapter Release Date : June 29, 2017 18:00 JST
Features the release of Subspecies Singularity II - Agartha.

Devider EoR II

TVCM 第9弾

TVCM 第9弾

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True Name System

  • Similar to Shinjuku, Masters will have to unlock a Servant's True Name / True Identity by completing certain Main Story Quests.

Multiple HP Gauge

  • Debutted since Shinjuku, certain enemies in Agartha will have multiple HP Gauge, the detailed version of the mechanics are explained here and here.

Battle Animation Update

New Ascension/Skill Upgrade Material

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New Slot for Support Setup

  • New Slot : EXTRA Slot

This slot can only accomodate Ruler, Avenger, Shielder, Alter Ego and Moon Cancer-Classed Servants.

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List of Servant that can be placed into EXTRA slot
Class Servant
Class-Ruler-Gold Jeanneicon Amakusaicon S173 S229Icon MarthaRulericon S233Icon
Class-Avenger-Gold Edmondicon Jeannealtericon Gorgonicon HessianLoboIcon AntonioIcon Angraicon
Class-Shielder-Gold MashuIconSR MashOrtenaus Mashuicon
Class-MoonCancer-Gold S220Icon BBicon
Class-Alterego-Gold MeltlilithIcon KiaraIcon Icon S209 S224Icon PassionLipIcon Icon Servant 190 Icon Servant 191
Class-Foreigner-Gold Icon Servant 195 Icon Servant 198 S222Icon

Craft Essence's Limit Break Carry Over System

  • Now the limit break progress will be inherited to the ce you are going to level if its same CE then it will continue the limit break level progress.
    • For example if you feed craft essence with 2 limit break progress (see the 2 diamond icon below) to the non limit break ce (must be same ce), then the progress will be inherited to the one you're going to level and continue the progress to be 3rd limit break.
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Rare Prism Shop Update

  • SR Fou-kun (HP and ATK) will now be added to the Rare Prism Shop. You can only buy 1 of each per month with the cost of Rare prism3

Bond Point Bonus

  • Similar to Shinjuku, certain group of Servants will get Bond Point Bonus after clearing Story Quests.
  • All FEMALE Servants, Astolfo, Chevalier d'Eon and Enkidu will get extra Bond Point if they are in the party, after completing a main story quest.
Class Servant
Class-Saber-Gold ArtoriaPendragonIcon Attilaicon Okitaicon Mordredicon Brideicon Ryougisabericon Musashi icon Altericon Lilyicon Neroicon Deon Eliz Brave icon Suzuka
Class-Archer-Gold ArtoriaArchericon Ishtar icon Atalantaicon Odaicon Anne&MaryArchericon Kuroicon Euryale
Class-Lancer-Gold Scathachicon Brynicon Arturia lancer icon TamamoLancericon Enkiduicon Elizaicon Alterlancericon KiyohimeLancericon Jalter Lily Icon Medusalancericon Jaguarmanicon
Class-Rider-Gold Drakeicon Medbicon Quetzicon Marieicon Marthaicon Anneicon Santaaltericon Astolfoicon MordredRidericon Medusaicon Boudicaicon Ushiwaicon
Class-Caster-Gold Tamamocastericon Xuanzangicon Davinciicon Illyaprismaicon CasterofNightlessCity Elizhallowicon Medealilyicon Rhymeicon Helenaicon Irisvielicon Nitocrisicon MarieCastericon Medeaicon
Class-Assassin-Gold Jackicon Heroinexicon ShutenIcon Cleopatra icon Sthenoicon Carmillaicon Ryougiassassinicon ScathachAssassinicon AssassinofNightlessCity Jingkeicon Hassanhundredicon Hassan of Serenity icon Matahariicon
Class-Berserker-Gold Nightingaleicon Yorimitsuicon MHX(Alter)icon Tamamoicon Frankicon Ibarakiicon ChachaIcon BerserkerOfElDoradoIcon Kiyohimeicon
Class-Ruler-Gold Jeanneicon MarthaRulericon
Class-Avenger-Gold Jeannealtericon Gorgonicon
Class-Alterego-Gold MeltlilithIcon KiaraIcon PassionLipIcon
Class-MoonCancer-Gold BBicon

Agartha Summoning Campaign

Summon banner agarta

New Servants :

Craft Essence
PhantasmalSpeciesCard ★ ★ ★
Phantasmal Species

ATK: 200/1000
HP: 0/0

  • NP Damage +15%, Only when equipped onto a Rider-class Servant.