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Event duration: September 30th 04:00pm - October 16th 3:59am. (JST)

■ Login Bonus: Part 1
Between October 1st and October 16th you'll get extra login presents everyday totaling 22 Saint Quartz, 150 Mana Prisms and 4 Summon Tickets.

■ Login Bonus: Part 2
The usual Login Rewards are getting revamped. In total, players should get 7 Hero's Proof, 2,000 Friend Points, 3 Saint Quartz, 1 Summon Ticket and 3 4 ALL Experience Cards every week.


■ Login Bonus: Part 3
In addition to the usual 4 Saint Quartz players get for playing every 10 days in a row, you should now get 10 Saint Quartz on the 75th day, 20 on the 100th day and 20 more every 50th day after that.

■ Login Bonus: Part 4
The Start Dash Campaign continues as usual, where new players should get 40 Saint Quartz in total by the time they clear Fuyuki.

■ Da Vinci's Shop
Beginning on September 30th at 4:00pm, there will be more items to exchange for Mana Prisms in the Da Vinci Shop.

Limited Items:

Item Trade Limit Cost
Red Chest

Summon Ticket4 AllExp44
3 AllHpUpIcon31 2 AllHpUpIcon31 1 AllHpUpIcon31
3 AllAtkUpIcon31 2 AllAtkUpIcon31 1 AllAtkUpIcon31

1 Mana prism10
Shining Gem of Swords1

Shining Gem of Bows1 Shining Gem of Lances1 Shining Gem of Cavalry1 Shining Gem of Spells1 Shining Gem of Killing1 Shining Gem of Madness1

1 Mana prism10
Magic Gem of Swords1

Magic Gem of Bows1 Magic Gem of Lances1 Magic Gem of Cavalry1 Magic Gem of Spells1 Magic Gem of Killing1 Magic Gem of Madness1

1 Mana prism20
Secret Gem of Swords1

Secret Gem of Bows1 Secret Gem of Lances1 Secret Gem of Cavalry1 Secret Gem of Spells1 Secret Gem of Killing1 Secret Gem of Madness1

1 Mana prism30
Saber piece1

Archer piece1 Lancer piece1 Rider piece1 Caster piece1 Assassin piece1 Berserker piece1

1 Mana prism20
Saber monument1

Archer monument1 Lancer monument1 Rider monument1 Caster monument1 Assassin monument1 Berserker monument1

1 Mana prism30
Total Mana prism120

Permanent Items:

Item Trade Limit Cost
AllAtkUpIcon31 Unlimited Mana prism30
AllHpUpIcon31 Unlimited Mana prism30
AllExp310 Unlimited Mana prism20
Summon Ticket1 10 Mana prism20
Crystallized Lore1 1 Mana prism100

■ AP Cost 1/2 and New Dailies


From September 30th to October 14th, the Piece/Monument and Skill Gem farming Daily Quests will have their AP cost halved, as well as the Main Quest.

Additionally, the usual 40 AP daily quests will have their AP cost reduced to 30, and a new 40 AP quest will be introduced, but only for the Experience Cards farming quests.

Also, Shadow Servant enemies will now drop 2 Experience Cards and above, while regular enemy Servants will drop 3 Experience Cards and above. Before, they used to only drop 1 cards.

■ Draw rate increased for new servant and craft essences


As a special celebration for the 4M Downloads Campaign, the time limited Sakata Kintoki makes his debut! Arriving with him are three new Craft Essences and four servants with increased draw rates. Additionally, Artoria Pendragon (Alter) will be unlocked for everyone even if you haven't cleared Fuyuki for the duration of the event.

Summoning Campaign Craft Essences
CE48 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The Black Grail

ATK: 600/2400
HP: 0/0

  • NP damage +60%
  • Loses 500 HP each turn [Demerit]
CE47 ★ ★ ★ ★
With One Strike

ATK: 400/1500
HP: 0/0

  • Sure Hit
  • Quick +8%
CE46 ★ ★ ★

ATK: 100/5000
HP: 150/750

  • Debuff resistance +5%
  • Critical star absorption +100%