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Bryn2.png This Servant is a Limited Servant Limited.png. They are only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Servant cannot be summoned.
Servant Dialogue Strengthen
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Old Man of the Mountain"

Japanese Name: "山の翁"
AKA: King Hassan, First Hassan, Hassan-i Sabbah
ID: 154 Cost: 16
ATK: 1,831 / 11,848 HP: 1,956 / 13,338
Lv.100 Grail ATK: 12,969 Lv.100 Grail HP: 14,612
Lv.120 Grail ATK: 15,223 Lv.120 Grail HP: 17,173
Voice Actor: Nakata Jouji Illustrator: Ryota-H
Attribute: Man Growth Curve: S
Critabsup.png Star Absorption: 98 Stargainup.png Star Generation: 25.5%
Npchargeup.png NP Charge ATK: 1% NPGainUpDmg.png NP Charge DEF: 4%
Instapowerup.png Death Rate: 49.5% Alignments: Lawful・Evil
Gender: Male
Traits: Brynhildr's Beloved, Hominidae Servant, Humanoid, Servant, Male, Weak to Enuma Elish
Hits:  Quick Hits5  |  Arts Hits3  |  Buster Hits1  |  Extra Hits6
Active Skills Passive Skills Append Skills Noble Phantasm Ascension
Skill Upgrade Bond Level Biography Trivia Images

Active Skills

Available from the start
Grants self Guts status for 1 time, 5 turns.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Gutsstatus.png Revives with 3000 HP 3200 HP 3400 HP 3600 HP 3800 HP 4000 HP 4200 HP 4400 HP 4600 HP 5000 HP
Cooldown 9 8 7

Upgrades after Strengthening 1, Replaces Battle Continuation EX
Grants self Guts status for 1 time, 5 turns.
Grants self Abyss of Death buff for 5 turns. UpgradeIconText.png
(Abyss of Death: If the Guts status is present, increases own Buster performance for 5 turns.)
Gutsbuff.png Grants self On-Guts-Activate buff for 1 time, 5 turns. UpgradeIconText.png
(When Guts status is activated:
BuffRemoval.png 500% Chance to remove own Abyss of Death buff.
NpCharge.png Charges own NP gauge by 20%.
Busterupstatus.png Increases own Buster performance by 50% for 1 turn.)
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Gutsstatus.png Revives with 3000 HP 3200 HP 3400 HP 3600 HP 3800 HP 4000 HP 4200 HP 4400 HP 4600 HP 5000 HP
Busterupstatus.png Buster + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
Cooldown 9 8 7

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Increases own debuff resistance for 3 turns.
Recovers own HP.
Increases own defense for 1 turn.
Increases own attack for 3 turns.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Resistanceup.png Debuff Res + 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 100%
HealEffect.png Heal + 1000 1150 1300 1450 1600 1750 1900 2050 2200 2500
Defenseup.png Defense + 20% 22% 24% 26% 28% 30% 32% 34% 36% 40%
Attackup.png Attack + 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%
Cooldown 7 6 5

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Reduces all enemies' Instant-Kill resistance for 3 turns.
Increases own Buster performance for 1 turn.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Instaresistdown.png Death Res - 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 100%
Busterupstatus.png Buster + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Cooldown 8 7 6

Passive Skills

Anti magic.png
Magic Resistance B
Resistanceup.png Increases own debuff resistance by 17.5%.

Presence Concealment.png
Presence Concealment A
Stargainup.png Increases own critical star generation rate by 10%.
Independent action.png
Independent Action B
Critdmgup.png Increases own critical damage by 8%.
At the Boundary A
Instakillimmunity.png Grants self Instant-Kill Immunity.
Resistanceup.png Increases own Charmstatus.png Charm debuff resistance by 100%.
Instapowerup.png 5% Chance to Instant-Kill enemy with normal attack.

Append Skills

Unlocks by consuming Servant Coins
Extra Attack Finesse Improvement
Increases own Extra Attack performance.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Powerup.pngNpchargeup.pngStargainup.png Extra Attack + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%

Unlocks by consuming Servant Coins
Mana Loading
Starts battle with NP gauge.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
NpCharge.png NP + 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%

Unlocks by consuming Servant Coins
Atk up.png
Anti-Saber Attack Damage Aptitude
Increases own attack against Class-Saber-Gold.png Saber enemies.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Attackup.png vs. Saber Attack + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%

Noble Phantasm

The Angel That Announces Death

Base Damage: x1.5
Rank Noble Phantasm Type
C Anti-Unit
Hits Per Hit Percentage
1 100%
Effect Deals damage to one enemy.
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup.png Damage + 600% 800% 900% 950% 1000%
Overcharge Effect Chance to Instant-Kill them.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Instapowerup.png Death Chance + 100% 125% 150% 175% 200%


Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Assassin piece.png5 QPicon.png100,000
2nd Assassin piece.png12 Unlucky bone.png22 QPicon.png300,000
3rd Assassin monument.png5 Chains of The Fool.png29 Cursed Beast Cholecyst2 QPicon.png1,000,000
4th Assassin monument.png12 Cursed Beast Cholecyst4 Void's Refuse24 QPicon.png3,000,000

Skill Reinforcement

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Shining Gem of Killing5 QPicon.png200,000
2nd Shining Gem of Killing12 QPicon.png400,000
3rd Magic Gem of Killing5 QPicon.png1,200,000
4th Magic Gem of Killing12 Chains of The Fool.png15 QPicon.png1,600,000
5th Secretassassin.png5 Chains of The Fool.png29 QPicon.png4,000,000
6th Secretassassin.png12 Unlucky bone.png15 QPicon.png5,000,000
7th Unlucky bone.png29 Stinger of Certain Death15 QPicon.png10,000,000
8th Stinger of Certain Death44 Ghost lantern.png24 QPicon.png12,000,000
9th Crystallized lore.png QPicon.png20,000,000

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Shining Gem of Killing5 QPicon.png200,000
2nd Shining Gem of Killing12 QPicon.png400,000
3rd Magic Gem of Killing5 QPicon.png1,200,000
4th Magic Gem of Killing12 Cursed Beast Cholecyst2 QPicon.png1,600,000
5th Secretassassin.png5 Cursed Beast Cholecyst4 QPicon.png4,000,000
6th Secretassassin.png12 Void's Refuse10 QPicon.png5,000,000
7th Void's Refuse20 Iron Stake.png18 QPicon.png10,000,000
8th Iron Stake.png54 Tiny Bell of Amnesty.png72 QPicon.png12,000,000
9th Crystallized lore.png QPicon.png20,000,000


Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: B
Mana: E
Luck: E

Bond Level

Bond Level 1 BoundLevel1.png 2 BoundLevel2.png 3 BoundLevel3.png 4 BoundLevel4.png 5 BoundLevel5.png 6 BoundLevel6.png 7 BoundLevel7.png 8 BoundLevel8.png 9 BoundLevel9.png 10 BoundLevel10.png
Bond Required 4,500 20,000 2,500 2,500 10,500 110,000 450,000 340,000 330,000 410,000
Total Bond 4,500 24,500 27,000 29,500 40,000 150,000 600,000 940,000 1,270,000 1,680,000
Bond 10 Reward 417.png The Rift of the Valley
When equipped on "The Old Man of the Mountain",
Increases own debuff resistance by 100%.
Chaldean Visionary Flames [?]
11 BoundLevel1.png 12 BoundLevel2.png 13 BoundLevel3.png 14 BoundLevel4.png 15 BoundLevel5.png
1,090,000 1,230,000 1,360,000 1,500,000 1,640,000
2,770,000 4,000,000 5,360,000 6,860,000 8,500,000


Unlock Description Translation🛈
Default 髑髏の仮面を被った暗殺者。


NA Localization: An assassin in a skull mask.
With the creation of the cult of assassins, the name "Old Man of the Mountain" became a hereditary title.
He is said to have been the first Hassan-i Sabbah.
But the other 18 Hassans and the other members of the cult don't know his true identity, nor is there any evidence that he actually existed.
When a Hassan-i Sabbah deviates from the path, this legendary assassin arrives to take their head.
He is the Hassan who kills Hassans.

Fan Translation: An assassin that wears a skull mask.
Regarded as the first Hassan Sabbah, who was born when the name “Old Man of the Mountain” changed into a title, after the assassination cult became established as assassins.
However, it has been said that neither the other 18 Hassans nor the followers of the cult knew this individual’s true identity and that no evidence that he truly existed could be found anywhere.
He is a legendary assassin, said to appear to take the head of a generation’s Hassan-i-Sabbah when they stray from the path.
In other words, a Hassan that kills other Hassans.

Bond 1 身長/体重:220cm・120kg

属性:秩序・悪   性別:???

NA Localization: Height/Weight: 220cm, ??kg
Origin: Middle East
Region: Middle East
Alignment: Lawful-Evil
Gender: ???
Thou mayest call me King Hassan...

Fan Translation: Height/Weight: 220cm ・ 120kg
Source: Middle East
Region: Middle East
Alignment: Lawful ・ Evil
Gender: ???
I don’t mind if you call me King Hassan......

Bond 2 暗殺教団においてただひとりの目撃者もいないとされたが、それもそのはず、この人物を見た者はその時点で命を終えている為だ。


NA Localization: It's said that no member of the cult of assassins has ever laid eyes on him, but this is because to see him is to die.
The first "Old Man of the Mountain," he chose the life of an observer, bringing judgment to ensure that the clan never fell to corruption. The cult acted in accordance with the teachings of God, but its deeds were undeniably evil. That was why he could not allow the cult to rot.
For those who defend the teachings of God to drown themselves in human desires would be an unforgivable blasphemy.

Fan Translation: Supposedly there was not a single eye-witness within the assassination cult who saw him, which is not surprising - one’s life would be forfeit from the moment he lay eyes on this individual.
At the same time that he was the origin of the “Old Man of the Mountain”, he also chose the life of an inspector that convicts the corruption of the cult.
Even if the cult is righteous according to the teachings of God, that does not change the fact that its actions are evil as human beings. Therefore, this individual could not forgive that the cult could become degenerate.
For those who protect the teachings of God to wallow in human cravings.
That in itself is the greatest blasphemy against God.

Bond 3 教団の腐敗とは、即ちトップである『山の翁』の堕落である。

数々のアサシンを葬りさってきた彼は暗殺教団が 滅びるまでその闇の中に潜んでいたという。

NA Localization: The rot of the cult: in other words, the decline of the "Old Man of the Mountain."
Be it a failure of the mind or of skill, the title "Old Man of the Mountain" cannot be held by one who has become weak.
Weakness is death. Beheading is both the pardon for that sin, and the hope entrusted to the next Old Man.
To make righteous his dreadful role of assassinating assassins, he chose not a hidden weapon, but a massive sword.
When someone sees his skull, their life is at an end.
After he has slain the fool who violated the cult's teachings, all who have seen the skull swordsman vanish from the earth.
The skull swordsman is a living legend, and the abyss of assassins, whom none has ever witnessed.

Fan Translation: The corruption of the cult is, namely, the depravity of its top - the “Old Man of the Mountain”.
Regardless of whatever that is a depravity of the mind or of the skills, the name of “Old Man of the Mountain” is not bestowed to one who has decayed.
Decay is, namely, death. The severing of one’s head is both a pardon for his sins and a hope to be entrusted to the next “Old Man of the Mountain”.
In order to provide just cause to the contradictory role of assassinating assassins, this individual chose not concealed weapons・assassination tools, but to openly fight with a large sword.
When someone catches sight of this skull, said person has surely met his end.
After he has delivered punishment upon the fool who has failed to keep the cult’s dogma, those who have seen the figure of the skull swordsman disappear from this world.
Having consigned many assassins to oblivion, he is said to lurk in the darkness of the assassination cult until the day of its ruin.
A living legend, the abyss of the assassins without a single eye-witness.
Such is this skull swordsman.

Bond 4 『死告天使』

ランク:C 種別:対人宝具
レンジ:1 最大捕捉:1人


NA Localization: 『Azrael』
Rank: C Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 Maximum Targets: 1
Angel of Death.
An ordinary broadsword. The faith of the one who wields it for eternity has seeped into the blade.

This blade, held by the man who walks forever the border of the ghostly mountain abyss, adds an instant death attribute to all its attacks. The probability is low, but it threatens even the strongest foes with the peril of instantaneous death. Since those who dwell within the ghastly valley become one with death, he gains protection from instant death and charm attacks.

Fan Translation: The Angel That Announces Death
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 1
Maximum Targets: 1
A commonplace large sword. It is ingrained with the faith that this individual continued to believe, and spent a lifetime wielding.

It has been said that the sword of this individual - who continues to walk on the boundary of the deep ravine - bestows an instant-death effect to all attacks.
Although the probabilities are low, it presents the risk of instant-death no matter what sort of formidable enemy the target may be.
Because one from the deep ravine grows used to and is assimilated with death, he acquires resistance to instant-death and fascination.

Bond 5 気配遮断:A



NA Localization: Presence Concealment: A
The ability to conceal one's presence, or rather, what remains of the skill he once had. This swordsman is afflicted with a powerful curse, and even if he perfectly succeeds in his concealed actions check, the person he is about to kill will detect him.

Evening Bell: EX
The evening bell is sounded to tell the people of funerals, and alert them to death's coming.
This special skill was created as a result of his fusion with that ritual.
This swordsman does not choose for himself who he is to kill.
When his target loses sight of when they are to die, he offers them salvation in place of the Lord of Heaven. Everything he does is the will of heaven, and because of this, all who meet him know that their fate is at an end.
...Hearest thou the bell?
It tolls the end of thy fate.
Accept it and release thy soul. That is thy last chance to rest in peace as a human.

Fan Translation: Presence Concealment: A
A skill that erases one’s presence. The vestiges of what he once learned. As he carries a strong curse, even if this swordsman obtains a complete success in his stealth check, his existence ends up being perceived by the “opponent he is about to kill”.

Evening Bell: EX
An evening bell that informs people of the funeral rites and makes the arrival of death resound. A unique skill whose activation effects have become one with these rites.
This swordsman does not choose who to kill by his own will.
Once the other party has “lost sight of the proper time to die” and turned into a living dead, he grants salvation on behalf of the Lord. Everything is the will of Heavens; therefore, those who end up meeting with this swordsman learn the end of their fate.
---Can you hear, the sound of this bell?
It is the end of your destiny in itself.
Accept it and release your soul. This is your last chance to have a peaceful slumber as a person.

Unlock at Bond Level 5
Extra 凶悪な外見、苛烈な戦いぶりから残忍な人間性を想像させるが、本人は寡黙なだけであって、



Fan Translation: His fiendish appearance and severe battle state makes people think of his nature as ruthless, however, the person himself is just taciturn, and is an upright character who strictly adheres himself to the teachings of the Lord.
For he understands both the principle of human and the principle of God, he perceives the "Stoppage of life activities" and "The end of life" as different things.
One's lifespan is the salvation of their soul upon the end of their life.
As long as one doesn't stray from this path, this person will become an ally of the righteous people.
However, since he does not show mercy or consideration, in battles, he spreads terror like a God of Death.
While you rarely hear a word escape his mouth, you could understand his intentions clearly, right? When he is angry, his eyes (in his skull) shine. When he is sad, his eyes shine. When he is happy, his eyes shine. Whatever he does, his eyes shine.

And while he does not concern nor assert himself on other Heroic Spirits, he is a very strict senior to the Hassans.

April Fool あんさつサーヴァント


Assassination-Type Servant

As you may know, one of the Grand Servants. An old man who's been wandering around on the boundary of life and death for countless years. It's said that he has the most outstanding character and integrity of all Servants.


"The Old Man of the Mountain" was available for summoning during the:

"The Old Man of the Mountain" Summoning Campaign New Year Campaign 2018 Lucky Bag Sumoning Campaign F/GO Fes. 2017 2nd Anniv. Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign
11M Downloads Campaign Fes.2018~3rd Anniversary~Lucky Bag New Year Lucky-Bag Summoning Campaign 2019
Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2019 ~4th Anniversary~
Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign
New Year Lucky-Bag Summoning Campaign 2020 Absolute Demonic Battlefront Babylonia Release Campaign IV Summoning Campaign
Fate/Grand Order ~5th Anniversary~ Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign Lucky Bag 2021 Summoning Campaign New Year Special Fate/Grand Order ~6th Anniversary~ Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign


  • "The Old Man of the Mountain" is an NPC only in Camelot, and an NPC-Support only in Babylonia. He is made obtainable after "The Old Man of the Mountain" Summoning Campaign.
  • He shares the exact HP values at both minimum and maximum with Kingprotea.
  • His Noble Phantasm, Azrael, is the only one which can skip an enemy's death animation.
  • He, along with Medjed, has a chance to make a tiny appearance during Ereshkigal's Noble Phantasm animation due to their connection to the Realm of the Dead.
  • He is the only servant immune to Insta-Kill