CE này chỉ có thể nhận được thông qua việc tăng Mức độ gắn bó với Nagao Kagetora lên 10. Nó đã được giải phóng cực đại sẵn.


Hiệu ứng
Khi trang bị cho Nagao Kagetora,
Tăng tính năng thẻ Arts và khả năng sạc NP của toàn đội thêm 10% khi cô ở trên sân.





「ところで何故ランサーなのかって? そうですね、これはまあ生前のやり残しというかなんというか。もしアレと再び相まみえることがあれば、完膚なきまでボッコボコに叩き潰してやろうと思いまして。で、ですね、その時に本来のライダーのクラスでないから負けたー、とか言われるのも癪ですから、ライダーのクラスは譲ってあげようと思い空けておいたのです。そんなわけで私はランサーのクラスで現界しているのですよ。あははははは!」

The grotesque statue of Bishamonten wielding eight treasured swords and mounted on a lion inherited by Kagetora from her beliefs.

"Flying Crane Princess (Himetsuru/Himezuru Ichimonji), playing Mountain Pheasant (Yamatorige/Sanchoumou Ichimonji), binding Valley Cutter (Tanikiri), repelling Five Tigers (Gokotai Yoshimitsu), worshipping Festival Sword (Basaiken), Flowing Seven Stars (Shichiseiken), shining Torch (Kotaimatsu Naginata) are Bishamonten's treasured spears".

Although Kagetora owned numerous swords, it is said that among them, she was particularly fond of the eight wielded treasured swords and spears that were named the protection of eight flowers. Among those, she relied the most on a spear without the maker's engraved signature. It is the one reason Kagetora, who has the aptitude to be a Saber or Rider, was summoned as a Lancer.

"By the way, you asked why I'm a Lancer? Let's see, I'm not sure if it was the right choice of words but it was this thing left undone in my past life. If I happen to meet that again, I think I would thoroughly smash it into smithereens until no part is left. And then, right, at that time, if I am told something like "You lost because you are not the original Rider class...", it would make me annoyed, so I thought I would give up on the Rider class, and left it at that. That's the reason I manifested as a Lancer. Ahahahahaha!"

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