CE này chỉ có thể nhận được thông qua việc tăng Mức độ gắn bó với Nezha lên 10. Nó đã được giải phóng cực đại sẵn.

Hiệu ứng

Hiệu ứng
Khi được trang bị cho Nezha,
Increases party's Quick card performance and NP damage by 10% when she is on the field.

Thông tin chi tiết





The Universe Ring(Kenkon Ken) together with the Red Armillary Sash(Konten Ryou) are the famous magical items of Jinguang Dong(eng. Golden Light Cave). They are the immortal weapons gifted to Nezha at her birth by Taiyi・Zhenren. Since then, they have never been separated from Nezha.

It is telescopic, usually worn as a pair of bracelets on both hands, and will transform into a circular ringed object with a sharp blade when separating from her body. Nezha is known to use it like a semi-autonomous drone.

By shouting "Shi! (eng. Dash)" when thrown into the air, it immediately attacks the enemy, “Ting!(eng. Stop)” to stay still in the midair, and “Lai!( eng. Come)” to return it to the hand.

---There was once when Nezha lost the possession of Universe Ring.
It was taken away by Lady Shiji during their battle, but eventually returned by Taiyi・Zhenren.

In order to save her parents of the human world, she commits suicide to atone for the crime she has committed. Letting go of the past as a new life reborn.

The absence of this magical item is linked to the memories of humiliation and her own faults. Therefore, the Universe Ring will only be entrusted to those who have absolute trust on it.

Because the Universe Ring will rely upon its partner, and will sense the emotion of its partner as if they are one entity, it is a proof that it vows to resurrect and return regardless of anything.

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