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This template is used to insert a Status Effect Image.



Name - Required - See Details Below.
Width - Optional - Sets the width of the image in pixels.

Error Checking

The error message included at the bottom of the Template is something I'm trying out. It shouldn't appear on anyone's page unless they manually change the display. Additional class HiddenErrorMessage is included in case it receives future use.


Attackup Text Inserted after the image.

Attackup An alternate parameter name from the previous sample.

Text inserted before the image Critdmgdown

Image Inserted Npseal inline with the text.

Quickupstatus Image with the optional Width parameter.

Acceptable Names

Below are images usable with this template and the text you can use in the Name parameter to get them. Some images have multiple naming options to accommodate users. If the image filenames are needed in the future just append status to the end of the current filename.

Attackup attackup, atkup
Defenseup defenseup, defup
Invincible Invincible
Critdmgup critdmgup, critdamageup
25px critchanceup
Npchargeup npchargeup
Nppowerup nppowerup, npdmgup
Resistanceup resistanceup, statusresistanceup, debuffresistanceup, poisonresistanceup, attackdebuffresistanceup, defensedebuffresistanceup, minddebuffresistanceup, charmresistanceup
Statusup statusup, statuschanceup, minddebuffchanceup, debuffchanceup, buffchanceup
Critabsup starabsup, starabsorptionup
Powerup powerup
Stargainup stargainup, starrateup
Quickupstatus quickup
Artsupstatus artsup
Busterupstatus busterup
Hpregen hprecoveryup, hpregen
Attackdown attackdown, atkdown
Defensedown defensedown, defdown
Resistancedown resistancedown, buffchancedown, attackbuffchancedown, debuffresistancedown, minddebuffresistancedown
Critdmgdown critdmgdown, critdamagedown
Critchancedown critchancedown
Nppowerdown nppowerdown, npdmgdown
Statusdown statusdown, statuschancedown
Npchargedown npchargedown
Busterdown busterdown
Powerdown powerdown
Critabsdown starabsdown, starabsorptiondown, critabsdown, critabsorptiondown
Stargaindown stargaindown, starratedown
Quickdown quickdown
Artsdown artsdown
Invinciblepierce invinciblepierce
Hpregen hpregen, hpregeneration
Stunstatus petrify, bindstatus, stunstatus
Avoid avoidstatus, dodgestatus
Gutsstatus gutsstatus
Npgainturn npgainturn, npturngain
Stargainturn stargainturn, starturngain
25px nplossturn, npturnloss
Tauntstatus tauntstatus
Charmstatus charmstatus
Burn burn
Poison poison
Curse cursestatus
Surehit surehit, sure-hit
Skillseal skillseal, sealskill
Npseal npseal, sealnp
Unknowngender unknowngender
Powerup damageplus, dmgplus
Powerdown damageminus, dmgminus
Defenseup damagecut, dmgcut
Avoid protectionfromwind, windprotection, protectionfromarrows, arrowprotection
Debuffimmune debuffimmune, attackdebuffimmune, defensedebuffimmune, minddebuffimmune

Dragontrait dragontrait, dragon
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