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2 Years in the making

It took me 2 years by slow farming with Cu for him to get him to get Bond 10
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So...Shinjuku will be release on 12 March then

Kinda longer than expected... Guess more time to hoard SQ for Lobo

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• 2h

Help about account

So i wanna play my account on my pc (which is currently in my phone), if i wanna do that, do i need to retransfer my account again and again to switch device? If anyone know please let me know, i would appreciate ur help, thx :D
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• 4h

Solomon Boss

Hey guys !

I need a little bit of advice here.
I've heard that the CCC rerun is coming and even though I started the game over a month ago, I still want to participate.

But I can't seem to beat that Boss with my Emiya(80), Cu proto (63), Karna(60), Hans(55)...

What should I pick as support and what servant should I level to beat him in time ?

Thank you !! :D
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• 5h

Material ugh

Damn, not only 1% ssr rate, the mats is just worse
Anyway since i'm struggling with "forbidden page"
I've been thinking what is the contain of it? Maybe since it's forbidden it has a lewd loli from fate series so they choose to name it forbidden page?
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• 9h

HUH!!! Found this on twitter


ギ村長 on Twitter
ギ村長 on Twitter Twitter
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• 9h

Memorial Quest

On a scale of 1(unexpectedly easy) to 10(extremely difficult) would u guys rate the incoming quest(s)
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• 12h

Forgot to issue transfer number

Ign Soran,my support are below but with event CE currently...please don't delete me in your fl(for those who have)....i'm trying to recover my acc right now
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• 12h


Guys Moriarty is a good archer?
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I am doing some farming(hence the title) but I am a buster user and dont have 4* or 5* berserkers. I wanted to know if there are berserkers from 1* to 3* worth investing in.(I have Kiyo maxed)
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• 17h


ぴれ@邦枝葵💜🐱🐶💛 on Twitter
ぴれ@邦枝葵💜🐱🐶💛 on Twitter Twitter
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• 19h

Crappy Catalyst #4

The crappier the drawing, the better the chances. I don't think I can roll on his initial banner, and may have to wait till the next one 2 months later but hey, he's worth it! Plz come home cat Yang.

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• 19h

That's was quick

Getting a ssr in my na took almost a year and in jp it took a couple weeks.
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• 20h

That's the 4th one this event

Got 2 of those CE's allready and another 2 from the other CE!!!
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• 22h

Mona Lisa or Bella Lisa?

Well I was trying to get at least one copy of Mona Lisa but don't know if it's worth or if I should keep saving MP to get the Bella Lisa MLB when it comes to the NA. Should I get one copy or two of Mona Lisa and then save for Bella Lisa or save only for Bella Lisa since I will have big chances of getting it MLB?
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• 22h

Well, I tried

Spend my last 30 sq on mhxa banner and still failed to pull her or *5 CE... but at least I got new servant \o/
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Spoiler: Ceasar isn't #1

Top 10 Servant('s Thighs) In Fate/Grand Order
Top 10 Servant('s Thighs) In Fate/Grand Order YouTube
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