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It is not shameless if it is genderless.

Seem like everyone enjoying the mahou shoujo stuff since the coming of Prisma Code Rerun.

Here is Qin Shi Magical Girl. Enjoy your meal.

Teleport: https://twitter.com/town_drugstore/status/1087732670338138115?s=19

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2 open slots in NA

779.820.093 my ign is Dandelion, if you add me please write your ign

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I am not a degenerate!!!

Every one knows me well as a Loli protector.

Will change her back to her first art and sprite.

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DW add this to your list!

(Probably won’t though :p)
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Fate HF Lost Butterfly

When the Eng sub come out??
Also where do you guys usually watch anime and is the web have downloadable link??

I prefer have to download it though but i accept any web you give
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Random Kirei Spook

YOKOLOBE! [Quoting Jo] Just burned one Mapo Tofu then tried for a single pull on Story Gacha.
And here she comes 👌
Bless Kirei.
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Presage Flower

Im sticking this under spoiler just to be safe.

So i just made it to the fight between Saber and Berserker and i have to ask, am I the only one sorta offput by the animation in this, or is it just me?

Edit: I finished it and, though im not a fan of the battle animations and the 360 degree stuff, I DON'T CARE. IT'S AMAZING! WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!!
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nostalgic drop

i remembered as na launch player playing this 5 ap hell last last year

getting ce drop during that time was memorable af :')
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Nero bride and Tesla arts np?
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Is Ereshkigal going to come?

When does the summoning event start for Eresh aka Ishtars other half aka third generation Rin Tohsaka?
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I Actually Like His Character

Great in Babylonia, wanted to reunite him with Artoria, and I like his seiyuu too. Don't really care about buster memes.
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Quetzalcoatl is truly the strongest deity

Divine Lucha Libre Solo (Quetzalcoatl Vs Goetia)
Divine Lucha Libre Solo (Quetzalcoatl Vs Goetia) YouTube
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My Merlin looks weird.
Is cas gil ok at supporting buster servants? Since I have no 5star servants
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I want to summon Raikou for three reasons

1. She has big, saggy tits

2. I have Kintoki, Shuten Douji, Ibaraki Douji and Kotarou. Might as well finish the family.

3. I like her big, saggy tits

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