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• 1m

King of Knights (Lancer)

She came home, now I just need OG Artoria and I will have them all.
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• 33m

Babylonia to Salomon (JP)

I need Angra with his CE for Babylonia and someone with Origin Bullet for Salomon (coz I'm planning ahead 👍). I don't know if my servants can help you with your missions but, hey, at least you're helping me with yours lol. (But seriously, help me)
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• 49m

This is related I swear

(Yes I know)
10 Facts About the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin
10 Facts About the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin YouTube
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• 50m

Thanksgiving 2018

Well i see many posts About Servants On Thanksgiving 2018 and Me too want Got this and wishing got her on Thanksgiving. I wish got her since FGO NA released Event Fate Kaleid . She cutes 😊
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• 1h

Musashi,okita souji or shiki saber

Which one is the best saber among those three?(i still havent got any of them though)
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• 3h

Hurry up Santa my inventory is crying

I was asking about the best way to farm levels. Well.
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• 3h

What is this item

What is this crystallized lore ,is it important?
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• 4h

They're trying to slow us down

I'll use my single 30 SQ and 4 Tickets on Gilgamesh and thankfully my Login Streak is almost 10 days away plus including Babylonia Chapter's SQs Main Story reward including the Free Quest reward

Must save the rest for Merlin and Gramps (My hand still twitching for Gilgamesh)


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• 6h

Christmas event

About this year event, does this give us Jalter lily??
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• 6h

Help me

What servants should I pick when I battle ozymandias and his caster (final)?
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• 7h

Void's Refuse

Where can I get Void's Refuse? Because I've been fighting Fuyuki and its not dropping any. Somebody got a better place to farm?
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• 7h


Who the hell is this Hassan anyway? Even his stats were blocked... Is he powerful?
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• 8h

Need help

Emm why i can't redeem for Attila?
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• 9h


Who should i lvl between these 2?

Shahrazad is stuck ever since i got her from gil fest

Which is my 1st ssr in multi (also 1st ssr spook)

Abby whom i got recently with 3sq

I have lvl100 mhxx

But i also have too many casters + shahrazad skills isnt that great

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• 9h

Gotterdammerung Class

Which class in gotterdammerung need the most?
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• 12h

Does the orange letter says paid?

Does it mean I can use it for paid gacha?
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• 13h

Archers situation

A quick doodle ie. I wasted two F*&KING hours making this shit (What's wrong with gudako's shoulder and hands) Anyways I am mildly proud of this drawing
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• 13h

It's not my favorite route, but I can't wait.

It will be awesome.


Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] THE MOVIE II. lost butterfly Trailer 1
Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] THE MOVIE II. lost butterfly Trailer 1 YouTube
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• 13h

Thanksgiving gacha 2018

My birthday is the next week after she drops and I would be so happy if she came to me it would be the best present ever.
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• 15h

Archer or caster gems for master missions

I lost the training grounds and now I don't know where to get them.
Where is the best place?
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