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Nero bride and Tesla arts np?
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Is Ereshkigal going to come?

When does the summoning event start for Eresh aka Ishtars other half aka third generation Rin Tohsaka?
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• 5h

I Actually Like His Character

Great in Babylonia, wanted to reunite him with Artoria, and I like his seiyuu too. Don't really care about about buster memes.
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Quetzalcoatl is truly the strongest deity

Divine Lucha Libre Solo (Quetzalcoatl Vs Goetia)
Divine Lucha Libre Solo (Quetzalcoatl Vs Goetia) YouTube
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My Merlin looks weird.
Is cas gil ok at supporting buster servants? Since I have no 5star servants
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• 8h

I want to summon Raikou for three reasons

1. She has big, saggy tits

2. I have Kintoki, Shuten Douji, Ibaraki Douji and Kotarou. Might as well finish the family.

3. I like her big, saggy tits

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Rough translation: Chongzhen'Di Four Poems to Qin Liangyu (崇禎帝四詩歌)


Studied the Stone Sentinel Maze of Xi’chuan(1)

Holding the commander’s seal within her yuan-yang sleeves(2)

Whole-heartedly accept to be called Jin-guo(3)

As generals never has to be a man


As the Shu’jin(4) battle coat is made

Accepting the Chang’ying(5) on the peach blossom horse

How many of the bizarre men in this world

Would dare to travel the ten thousand mile battlefield?


Never shirk to brave the wind and dew

Using the enemies’ blood as Yan’zhi(6)

Triumphally singing a Qing-ping (7) song on the horseback

Is not when Zhao-jun exiting to the Sai(8)


The ji-zhou is used as the mao-hu(9)

A swarming applause shall shake the earth

Someday within in the Lin’ge(10)

The dan’qing(11) will first sketch a painting of beauty



1. Xi’chuan (西川): Qin Liangyu was a native to this area. Zhuge Liang, who devised the Stone Sentinel Maze, originally served the Kingdom Shu of this area during the Three Kingdoms period.

2. Yuan-yang sleeves (鴛鴦袖): refers to the sleeves of female clothing. Yuan-yang are Mandarin Ducks, where the males have a more vibrant color patterns than the females. This term here may also signifies the bond between Qin Liangyu and her husband since mandarin ducks will only have one mate throughout their lives, a symbol for fidelity.

3. Jin-guo (巾幗): A term used for honoring women who courageously accept roles exclusive to men, e.g. commanding an army.

4. Shu-jin (蜀錦): Brocade from Xi’chuan (Shu). Shu-jin has been known as one of the highest quality of brocade in China, and is often used for clothings wore by the upper classes and meritorious statesmen during ancient times.

5. Chang-ying (長纓):Long ribbon or tassel, representing the authority to command an army.

6. Yan-zhi (胭脂): Rouge, a powder make up for females.

7. Qing-Ping (清平): a song or poem style that follow unique tune or rhythm

8. Zhaojun exiting to the Sai (昭君出塞): The incident where Zhaojun, was ordered to married the Leader of Xiongnu, by the Han’s Emperor as armistice. Sai is the area on the northern side of the Great Wall, which has been controlled by Xiongnu for a long period.

9.  Ji-zhou (箕帚) and mao-hu (蝥弧): ji-zhou are sweeping tools such as brooms and mao-hu are a type of military flags.

10.  Lin-ge (麟閣): Refer to Kirin Court, usually a place within the palace that is used to commemorate meritorious statesmen.

11 Dan-qing (丹青): Red and indigo painting ink.

Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=71909374

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After the hearts in this Event, i'm in the 10/10/10 max. bond waver club
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• 16h

I just Do a Joke Rolls

And I got this. Rate up so unpredictable
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• 16h

Ok I’m bore

So is ruler the most broken class in an holy grail war? Cause they have 2 command seal for all servant so just pull an lancer on all servant and ruler win?
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• 18h

just a guy who spammed the sh#t out of the story with supporters.

when the game force you to use your lowly servants but they prove themselves

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Fks sake

2nd stheno in 2days
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• 23h

What a nice way to start the day!!

Now there's no need to buy the 5000 one or the 1000 gold dumplings one...
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• 23h

Guy from redit drew this. Looks cool I wonder what his rarity is?

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• 23h

I did some yolo rolls for Gramps and

Well this at least makes me feel better after getting Fionn on a whim lol, I fully welcome my daughter

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What is a good team I make with this
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